Common Questions

MarkOut® Frequently Asked Questions

My dog does not have a marking problem, he’s just not housebroken. Will the MarkOut® training system be helpful?

Very! The training manual, MarkOut® Marking is full of information that will help you to housebreak your dog. The MarkOut® wraps contribute by deterring and or correcting your dog from sneaking off and urinating inside the house. In fact they will even motivate him to learn to ask you to be let out.

I saw that MarkOut® is for indoor use only, but can it be used to prevent a dog from marking on agility equipment during class?

That is the one exception to the rule. MarkOut® wraps are an excellent tool to use for teaching a male dog not to mark on agility or obedience equipment during training.

I have a female dog that is not housebroken. Will the MarkOut® training system work with her?

The concept works equally well with female dogs. The training manual, MarkOut® Marking is full of housebreaking information which you can apply to a female dog. The wraps however will not work as well as britches. We will be creating our own line of britches, and a training manual for housebreaking your female dog soon.

Are MarkOut® wraps machine washable?

No, I would not recommend putting them in the machine unless you first place them in a hosiery bag to prevent them from being damaged or stretched out. To get the most use I would recommend hand washing and hanging them up to dry.

Can I use a pad in addition to the MarkOut® wrap?

MarkOut wraps are hand washable, but using a pad can aid tremendously in reducing cleanup. You may have to learn from experience which pad is best for your dog.

I recommend, in order of absorbency from light to heavy:

* Disposable Nursing Pads
* Bladder Protection Pads
* Disposable or non disposable diapers

My first choice is disposable nursing pads, which you will find in most drug stores. These pads have a special film backing to keep moisture from leaking onto the wrap. I also like their round shape and that they don’t look like a Kotex pad. These are usually sufficient for most dogs.

If you find that nursing pads do not have sufficient absorbency for your dog, then try bladder protection pads. You also will find these at your local drug store, and they come in light, moderate, and heavy absorbency. They are at least twice as absorbent as the nursing pads and were designed specifically for urine leakage. The curved sides will conform to your dog’s belly, and there is an adhesive strip on the back which will hold the pad securely in place.

My third choice is a baby diaper. I had one client use this for an elderly dog that was experiencing incontinence problems. It was the only thing that worked in this case.

Will my dog try to remove the MarkOut® wrap?

You know your dog better than anyone. Do you think your dog would try to remove the wrap and/or the pad with his mouth? Most dogs do not. They find the wrap very comfortable and leave it alone. If your dog is not cooperative, Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is the deterrent to help him change his mind. This is a product that you can purchase at the pet store. It is very safe and can be sprayed right on the coat of an animal. There are other bitter tasting sprays available, but Grannicks Bitter Apple always has been my favorite.

You may, for best results:

* spray the wrap lightly as soon as you put it on your dog.
* spray the wrap and pad thoroughly before you put it on your dog.
* (only when necessary) spray a drop or two directly in your dog’s mouth to increase your dog’s dislike of the taste, making the spray on the wrap more effective.

How will we work around the fact that we have a dog door?

If your dog is inside and wearing the wrap, then the dog door should be kept closed or his access to the dog door should be blocked. It is very important that your dog not have the repeated experience of being allowed outside to do his business while wearing the wrap. If he goes outdoors and urinates in the wrap, he will become confused and decide that urinating in the wrap is necessary. This carelessness may destroy the MarkOut® wrap as a training tool.

Does my dog wear the wrap all of the time?

You have to decide when you need your dog to be wearing the MarkOut® wrap. There is usually some pattern to the occurrence of marking or urinating in the house. It may be at one home when the owner is gone. If marking only occurs when you are gone then that is when your dog should wear the wrap. The dog may be outside at another home whenever the owner is gone. Therefore this dog is urinating when the owner is at home and this is when he should wear the wrap. Another owner may decide that the dog is sneaking around and marking overnight. You guessed it; he wears the wrap overnight.

What if I have more questions?

You will find most all of the answers to your questions in the training manual MarkOut® Marking. If you have additional questions after you read the manual you can either e-mail Karyn Garvin, the inventor of MarkOut® or you can call and schedule a private phone consultation with her.