Markout Wraps

Markout Marking Wraps - Stop Male Dog Housebreaking

A MarkOut® Wrap, made from 100% cotton yarns, is a unique cotton-synthetic knit construction.   Superior in absorbency, it provides comfortable, controlled compression and enhanced breathability. This material is truly unique and is patented by Avcor Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas.
Markout Marking Wraps - Secures to your dog with a velcro strip.



MarkOut® is available in the following colors
and widths depending on the size of your dog. Keep in mind that while the width
you choose may not seem sufficient, as you wrap it around your dog’s waist, the
wrap will overlap itself giving you plenty of coverage.
Width Size Color
3 inch fits extra small dogs waists up to 10 inches Beige & Green
4 inch fits small dogs waists 10 inches to 16 inches Beige & Blue
4 inch fits medium dogs waist 17 inches on up Beige & Blue
6 inch fits large breeds waist 17 inches on up Beige & Green