Markout System

Markout Marking Wraps Dog Demo

With MarkOut You Can

  • Have a new tool for catching the male dog that likes to sneak away and urinate in the house because he isn’t fully housebroken.

  • Protect your home and furniture from the male dog that likes to mark his territory.

  • Play down submissive wetting in mature male dogs which is an important key to resolving this problem.

  • Stop urine spotting from excited male puppies when guests arrive.

  • Spare yourself and your senior male dog from the emotional upsets that his incontinence presents.

The MarkOut® Marking Training Kit will save your carpet and your sanity!

The MarkOut® Manual and the MarkOut® wraps are designed to be used together as a training system to eliminate your male dog’s problem behavior.  The wraps ensure that the only thing your dog marks is himself!  The manual is a virtual private lesson with  Karyn Garvin, a dog behaviorist who  specializes in marking problems.