MarkOut® Success Stories!

Kelley, John and Sobe writes:

I wanted to write and thank you so much for creating the markout wraps. Our youngest dog, Sobe, had nearly killed us with his marking all over our house. We really thought at some point he would grow out of it, but it just wasn’t happening and he was already over 2 yrs old. He had managed to destroy two sofas in his 2 years of life along with marking nearly every baseboard in our house. He had even marked my husband (on his head once!), me (once on my birthday), and several of our friends..not to mention his bowl, our other dogs’ bowls, our bed, etc.

The last straw came when he marked in the return vent and we were smelling urine every time the heat kicked on. We were in the process of replacing our carpet with hardwood flooring, too. We were absolutely ready to take him to a no-kill shelter…we had tried crating him, but he would urinate (not in the crate, mind you) out the front door and through the side vent holes. He’s really a very creative dog. 🙂 Also, he had been raised as an indoor dog along with our other three so I didn’t feel good about just throwing him outside suddenly.

So, about a month ago I found your website and almost immediately placed an order. Sobe has not urinated/marked in the house since the day they arrived on our doorstep. I noticed on two occasions that he had urinated a small amount in the wrap but I checked the house over thoroughly and never found any urine.

These wraps have completely changed our lives. We don’t dread walking in the house and smelling urine anymore. Our house smells good! We aren’t constantly mad at Sobe…which is a relief to both Sobe and us! I just wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for these wraps. I feel like we have a brand new house and dog!

Julie O. writes:

I purchased one of your MarkOut wraps a couple years ago when one of our dogs (a 10 lb. gremlin) began marking the couch and chairs in our living room whenever we had to go somewhere and leave him home. I tried other approaches and techniques, but nothing worked and he continued to mark (had to get rid of the couch even).

The MarkOut Wrap was a total success. We wrapped him every time we left and sometimes we would come home to find the wrap soiled, but eventually that stopped. We haven’t had to wrap him for nearly a year now as the problem behavior has stopped.

I highly recommend your product to anyone who is dealing with this type of problem. In fact, someone I work with just happened to mention that she had a dog with the same behavior and that she would never have another male dog again, so I told her about your product. I’m going to order a couple for her today.

Thanks for your help and for creating a great solution that really

Kennedy B writes:

These things work great – what a wonderful product. He doesn’t even notice he’s wearing it. My furniture and state of mind are saved! Thanks lots for such great service.

Karen Brock writes:

I want to tell you how GREAT MarkOut has been for my sanity! I was extremely worried because we were getting a new carpet. The old one had been “marked” repeatedly and was a mess. I was buying the liquid enzyme treatments by the gallon! I have two male dachshunds and I could never be sure who was doing the dirty work. I bought four MarkOuts–two for each dog, so they could wear one while I washed one. The urination stopped the minute they began wearing them. I had one male that wore his, no problem. The other one at first kept trying to rub against furniture or the floor to get free. I just wrapped his a little bit tighter and that fixed it. Now they wear them, and in fact stand still and wait for me to put them on when they come in from outside. Now everyone is happy–especially me! Thank you so much! I would highly recommend them to anyone with the same problem!

Follow Up By Karen Brock

…Thanks to your great product, my two boy dogs are now housetrained! Not a single accident since I started using Markout! We got our new carpet in December, and we have been problem free. I no longer have to use MarkOut, but I really thank you for the great product!!!

Carla Gentry writes:

“I love my dogs with all my heart, but I didn’t love what they were doing to my carpet. When we remodeled our house and installed $4000 worth of new carpet, I was sick to find out that my boys were still having pee wars (even though they are neutered!). Desperate, I turned to the web to try to find a way to control their bad habit. There I found MarkOut. It is a humane and sensible alternative to a stinky house and ruined carpet. Believe it or not, my boys love their “wrappers”. It is a part of their routine. When they need to go out, I tell them to “come here so I can take off your wrapper”. They come right to me and stand still, facing me, in a show stance, so I can take the MarkOut wrapper off.
When they come in, I’ll say, “come here for your wrapper” and they come
prancing right over and stand still right in front of me so I can put the wrapper back on. I really think they love the extra attention. Our girl dog acts jealous, so sometimes we let her wear one too! (Only a dog lover would understand).
They only wet their wrapper about once a week, but I figure that means I have saved my carpet from more than 50 stains. I highly recommend Mark Out to anyone who loves their dog AND loves their home.”

Gloria Corbit’s heartwarming story:

“I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to try MarkOut.  I would also like to let you know how it helped us.

As you may remember, I called you out of desperation because our dog, Dusty, had developed an enlarged heart and was put on medication.  Two of the pills were diuretics and caused him to lose control of his bladder.

We were afraid that if he could not control himself, we would have to put him to sleep because he was ruining our carpet.  Although Dusty was 13 years old and did have heart disease, he was still vibrant and playful.  He seemed to still be enjoying life.  It was heartbreaking to think that we may have to put him to sleep because he wasn’t able to control his bladder.

MarkOut did prolong Dusty’s life – and saved our carpet.  It worked wonderfully in that if he could not absolutely control himself, it protected our carpet.  But what it also did, was made him more aware of himself and he would try harder to make it outside to urinate as much as possible.  And I was very surprised at how successful he was.

He was so good.  He had no problem wearing it.  He would wait by the door for us to take it off before he went outside and then wait again by the door for us to put it back on when he came in.  He never tried to take it off himself.

We had to put Dusty to sleep yesterday – approximately one month after we started using MarkOut.  His heart condition deteriorated so fast, and he was  also diagnosed with cancer.

The best thing is that we were able to enjoy our last month with Dusty without the frustration of him ruining our carpet.  We were able to just love him and not have to try and control his urination.

Thank you, Karen, for helping us.”

Linda Padiyar writes:

I think that your canine wrap is the best darn thing since the invention of baby diapers.

To my amazement there was a remarkable 80% improvement and reduction of urinary accidents in my home within the first week of using the wrap.

A few months ago my beloved 14 year old Pomeranian, Foxy, suddenly began treating my furniture, walls and carpet as if they were green bushes in my backyard.  Upon a health examination, my veterinarian ruled out physical causes and referred your behavior modification expertise to me.  As you recall I was at my “wits end” when you arrived at my home.  My whole family treasures Foxy, however, we were exhausted from the constant clean-up of his accidents.

The idea of putting a diaper-like device on was not a new one since I am the mother of a two-year old.  Already I had successfully trained my daughter, now I had to retrain Foxy.  After I cleaned the carpet, I strapped the wrap on him.  As soon as he urinated in the house, he was not pleased at all! He was embarrassed.  This was the same reaction my daughter had using a thin diaper!

Karyn, thank you for your time in helping our family.  I have been completely satisfied.

Cathy Yonkers writes:

We have a Yorkie “Norman” who is 10 months old and was neutered at 6 months old. We got him from a pet store … I know, I know … not a good idea! But I fell in love with him and he looked like he needed a good home. He was already 13 weeks old when we bought him in Wisconsin and the pet store had just received him 2 days prior … breeder was in Missouri. I wonder where he was all that time? So, he had a few strikes against him from the start:

* long transport to Wisconsin
* don’t know about the breeding facility … who knows
* very small – 2 lbs. 5 oz. at 13 weeks
* was recovering from kennel cough
* had 13 weeks to get used to “pottying” in a crate
* I’ve heard terriers can sometimes be impulsive with regard to behavior and be hard to potty train

The good news is that he is now very healthy and weighs almost 6 lbs. He is loving, playful, affectionate, funny, and delightful. The bad news is that he has been very difficult to housebreak, understandably. We have made great strides over the last few months but he is still occasionally going in the house. When we spent $400 last week to get our carpets cleaned I knew I had to do something!

I ordered MarkOut and received it on Friday (3 days ago). At first he did exactly what you said … he acted like he couldn’t walk! Within a few minutes, he was used to it and I’m happy to say that our carpets still look great! The wrap is sometimes damp when we take it off, but I do believe that he is wetting much less with the wrap on. I can’t thank you enough for such a brilliantly simple idea. More than anything, the anxiety level at our home has decreased. Not that we were freaking out or anything, but we were always very conscious about where he was and would suddenly realize that we hadn’t seen him in a few minutes and scurry around the house to find out where he might have marked. When we found him or the marked spot, we couldn’t correct him because of the time difference. But we also couldn’t watch him every minute and even in the “safe” kitchen, we didn’t want him piddling because of soaking into the hardwood floor. We’ve spent more time with him in the last few days than normal, because before he was isolated more frequently in the kitchen and now he has the normal freedom of being with us in our living space. All of this is great news!!!

We’re on our way to a pee-free house … yeah!!! Thanks again for everything … you’re a genius!!

Bridgett from Houston, Texas

Just wanted to thank you so much for this amazing product! Not only is it helping our dog to stop marking, but it’s also saved my husband and I a lot of grief. He was constantly irritated by the marking, but no more. Now our carpets are dry and my husband is happy!!! Wishing you continued success.

Jamie Joe Trump writes:

Thank you so much for your product! My 5-6 month old schnauzer was going potty willy-nilly whenever and where ever he so choose. With the Mark-Out, that behavior quickly and dramatically changed.

At first I thought that he would try to bite at it or take it off, and even though he wasn’t especially enthusiastic about it to begin with, he never really bothered with it. He won’t wear a collar, but he’ll put up with the Mark-Out thinger!

Isn’t it amazing how the simplest of things can be so effective and helpful! Thank You!

Terri Albright writes:

This is great! My little westie has been marking for some time, and we were at our wits end. I started using the wraps three days ago, and Spike hasn’t even tried to lift his leg in the house. And they really don’t bother him!! He just goes on about his business and plays with his shepherd and collie buddies like it’s not even there. I discussed this with my vet when she called to say he had no bladder infection, and she said to try it. She also asked that I let her know how it works so she can recommend to others, as she finds this to be a problem for many people. I will be calling her back and letting her know of our success.

You may mention this somewhere in your website or in the training manual (which I haven’t fully read yet), but if you haven’t, please encourage everyone to have their pups checked for bladder or urinary tract infections if a problem with wetting or marking exists (as a precautionary step), particularly if the problem starts suddenly (my only recommendation).

Thanks Again. I’ll be recommending this to my vet for her other patients.

Bob C. writes:

I have been using the MarkOut System for two weeks on my 12 yr. old Pug, Reggie.

  1. I only needed the Wraps for 10 days to “start him off.” In Reggie’s case it was the Urine smell that caused him to mark, because as U know Pugs spend their lives sniffing.
  2. There was one spot where I saw him mark, so I used your deodorizing mixture, and it works. Reggie now passes the spot, sniffs but does not mark!
  3. I have also obtained a Black Lite and will perform periodic inspections of my room just for good measure.

Thanks to the wonderful information in the Training Manual, and the Wraps, Reggie is a very happy Dog, and my entire family is happy about it.

Darlene Reiter, PhD writes:

Thank you so much for your help. I called last week and ordered the MarkOut kit and received it on Tuesday. It seems to be working so far and he does not seem to be bothered by the wrap as he was with the other contraptions we tried from PetsMart.

We have two male dogs both rescues. The one we have trouble with housebreaking had been at our local no-kill humane shelter for over a year when we adopted him and I’m sure that is where his troubles stem from. He was also abused but has come a long long way. Anyway, he was very sneaky about marking in the house never could catch him in the act. Ugh.

I have a good friend that owns a huge kennel in Nashville and I am going to tell her about your system as she knows how frustrated I have been in the past with this behavior and knows others having similar problems.®

Joy S., Wisconsin writes

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Sanity has returned to my house. It was successful in stopping my dachshund Max for marking, from the very beginning. I have found no spots since I started using the wrap. I will follow the advice in your manual in perhaps weaning him from the product. No money can repay you for the peace of mind you have brought to me.